Deluxe Suite HOLZ

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The private luxury suite with its original restored Baroque doors and historic ceilings is the most exclusive hide-away in all of Hallstatt.

When stepping into this rustic and hut-like room guests can expect a space that radiates warmth and traditional alpine ambiance with the fresh scent of wood and fire.

Finally find the time to read your favorite book and drink a glass of red wine in front of the fire place listening to the crackling of the wood. Make a home-cooked meal in the modern kitchen and enjoy it at the big wooden table with view over the lake. Take in all that nature has to offer when using the private garden just outside your bed room door and embrace the rich culture and history of the room inside.

This deluxe suite combines exceptional privacy with modern conveniences, for those who wish to embrace Austria’s history, culture, and traditional style of living without sacrificing luxury or comfort, such as the walk-in shower and access to the private sauna.

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