Sharing and philosophy: to us shareosophy means sharing responsibilities.

We believe in sharing the beauty and purity of the nature we live in with our beloved guests. By doing so, we ensure that later generations will have the possibility to experience the astonishing architecture and environment of Hallstatt.

We share and care:

If you enjoy your stay with us and are happy, we are happy, too.
If you are overwhelmed by the breathtaking view, the incomparable atmosphere of the fascinating natural spectacle and the harmony of this historic house and modern craftsmanship, and if you enjoy our services as well as your privacy, and if your greatest wish is to stay with us again – then, and only then, have we reached our goal!

Silke Seemann

Dr. Silke Seemann is an economist and has spent the last thirty years renovating and living in the Praunsperglerische House with her family. Thanks to the support of the empathetic craftsmen of the region, the house turned into Hallstatt Hideaway in 2014. She enjoys it as her temporary home and a place to rewind with guests from all around the world.

Dr. Seemann teaches Strategic and Innovation Management and Human Resource Policy at the University of Salzburg and the University of Innsbruck. Being an organizational consultant she cooperates with the Zukunftsinstitut in Vienna in regards to the complexity of resource analysis and designing strategic leadership of future research and systemic strategy advice.

Her widespread know-how and expertise have also shown useful in creating the concept for Hallstatt Hideaway and her chosen hometown, which is a jewel that should be cherished by ensuring smart tourism. Most of the historic houses located on Hallberg can only be renovated using archaic construction methods. The construction site facilities alone generate ever increasing costs. Above all, there is also a problem of resource availability, since it is almost impossible to find workers in Middle Europe to do such heavy construction work.