Royal Suite WALD

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This suite got its name due to Maria Theresia hiring her forestry master to build the house for her in 1741. Stay in this stay-at-home atmosphere, tucked up in a cozy, soft duvet in a bed made from 400-year-old wood.

Suited for groups up to 4 persons or for a romantic get-away, this suite offers a generously-sized living area and modern design with classic elements, such as the historic stucco ceilings, without foregoing an ounce of comfort or luxury.

Feel rested as you surround yourself with the earthy atmosphere and fall back into the four-poster bed with a view over the lake.

Your mind relaxes in a hot bath for two while enjoying the intimacy of this modern bathroom with a window to the room. The suite’s furniture and facilities give the use of traditional wood feeling a fresh and modern twist, offering you a luxurious and restful stay.

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