Private Suite FELS

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This authentic, historically-preserved suite is a journey through time that reflects the traditional, cottage-style ambiance of historical Hallstatt.

The vault in the living area was used as an open fire place, and you can still see the original marks from the charcoal on the ceiling. Let your imagination carry you back to life in the 18th century!

This private suite is ideal for friends who are traveling together, as it offers two small, separate sleeping areas with a shared, cozy living area to enjoy a home-cooked meal together.

In former times, houses in Hallstatt were built using the mountains as part of their construction. A highlight in the kitchen and bathroom of this suite is the original stone peeking out of the walls, bringing you into harmony with the nature surrounding you.

This private suite is a haven of serenity, providing you with all the modern luxuries such as an elegant bathroom with a beautiful view over the lake.


Only available on request.


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